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Published by then/and

Available in Paperback, 164 p.
ISBN: 978-1-947322-01-1

by Holly Myers

History is like tapestry. History is like compost. History is like a roadmap through time, only seen in reverse; or a thoughtmap laid over time (whatever that is) in retrospect. There are lines, there are paths, there are tangled threads, but there is also compaction and lithification. And there is also space. Five hundred years of time is vast and vacant. It is full of forgetting. Forgetting is the erosion of the matter of the world in a process sympathetic to the erosion of matter in the brain. History is a certain kind of space, then, with certain paths through, certain threads, with certain compaction simultaneously. 

Heidelberg is a collection of three short works about movement, paths, and intersections. “Storyline,” the first work, considers plot—that basic mechanism of movement in a story—as the tool of an emerging global consciousness in the work of two early twentieth century writers. “Mapwalkers” trails ghosts along paths through vacant streets across the American West. “Heidelberg,” the title work, is a meditation on the intersection of history, ownership, place, memory, and the shape created and held in the world by the fact of an individual life.

Heidelberg is the third in a series of artist books to be published by Holly Myers through then/and publications. These works combine images and text to explore ideas, impressions and themes in their raw state. The series serves as a fluid compositional space, intuitive and exploratory rather than analytical and declarative, in which to reckon with the substance of contemporary life. 

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