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Road Noise

by Holly Myers

Sleeping, highway noises.

The sunlight slid across the surface of the wild

yellow grass.

The wild space, the sky.

There was a storefront for rent in a small town.


Road Noise is a collection of three short works exploring the mass, texture, and character of the American landscape. The title work, “Road Noise,” is an incantatory tribute to the open road, a tour of the wide, wild West. “Marine” considers the westernmost edge of the continent—specifically, the maritime commerce of a Pacific Northwest port town—and that fateful point of contact between the land and the sea. “Memory Exercise” explores the intimate overlay of landscape, memory, and music.

Road Noise is the first in a series of artist books to be published by Holly Myers through then/and publications. These works combine images and text to explore ideas, impressions, and themes in their raw state. The series serves as a fluid compositional space, intuitive and exploratory rather than analytical and declarative, in which to reckon with the substance of contemporary life.  

Published by then/and

Available in Paperback, 120 p.
ISBN: 978-1-947322-92-9

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